Monthly Archives: February 2011

Awards Show Rewind: The Oscars

After a long night of laughs, cries, spectacle, and surprises, the Oscars have come and gone once again. Who walked away with the gold and who left empty handed? The Oscars went to…

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Drive Angry 3D makes Nicolas Cage awesome again

Here is a film directed by the same guy who did My Bloody Valentine 3D, starring the lately lack-luster Nicolas Cage (Season of the Witch, Sorcerer’s Apprentice), and a ridiculous title.  Drive Angry 3D has all the packaging of a sh*t sandwich, which is why you’ll be confused, then delighted, with how awesome it is. Continue reading

The Filmsmith Podcast on iTunes

Earlier this week we posted our first podcast and now you can find it on iTunes. Continue reading

Laughter far and few in “Cedar Rapids”

Don’t you hate it when the best jokes are in the trailer?  It’s even worse when almost all of the jokes are in the trailer. Continue reading

Hulu, Amazon give Netflix a run for its money

For almost as long as Netflix has really focused on its streaming capabilities, the Criterion Collection has been incredibly cooperative with Netflix in making their films available. But last week, due to their dissatisfaction with the streaming superpower, Criterion boldly announced that they would be moving all of their business to Hulu Plus. And earlier today, Amazon announced that it, too, would now be operating a streaming service for all of its Prime members. Does Netflix stand a chance now that it has competition? Especially if that competition is cheaper? Continue reading

Blood spills over the edge of your screen in ‘I Saw the Devil’ trailer

I Saw the Devil (dir. Kim Ji-woon) was a 2010 film you might have missed last year, but you’ll want to find. The film highlights the kind of stylized violence and gore audiences raved over when director Park Chan-wook’s Oldboy hit the scene (it even features Oldboy lead actor, Choi Min-sik) Prepare yourself for a bloody good time.

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DVD Tuesday: Get Low

When the Academy announced the nominations for Best Actor almost a month ago, many were hoping that Duvall would snag one for his role in this film, Get Low. In it he plays a tormented man, held back by a secret he has kept for over 40 years. His very soul seems to stand in the balance, and the type of performance it would require from him, as well as the eccentric character he plays, seemed to be necessary and sufficient for Oscar gold. At that time, I had not seen it, and as a result I was very skeptical of this type of buzz; after all, the  five nominees (Firth, Eisenberg, Franco, Bardem, and Bridges) all deserved their place. However, Duvall gives one of his greatest performances and reveals one of his most interesting characters ever. And that alone is worth the price of a rental. Continue reading