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Moneyball eschews convention

You know that fall Oscar season is on the march when the “based on a true story” dramas start rolling out to your local cinema.  Moneyball looks to be cashing in on this tired format, combining baseball with all-American star Brad Pitt as he tries to win the big game against all odds.  Yet it refuses traditional trappings that are both pleasurable and middling. Continue reading

Billionairess to save Paul Thomas Anderson films

Paul Thomas Anderson is the Oscar-nominated director of 2007’s There Will Be Blood.  So it would make sense to expect great things of his two new projects–a Scientology-themed drama and the adaptation of a drug-addled detective novel. However, as is the case for many film projects, the tales lacked financial backing and were in danger of ending up in development limbo–until one woman stepped in.

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Fall(ish) Movie Preview: September

The summer film season is coming to a close, but there is plenty to look forward to. Here is your complete mega movie fall preview.

:author’s note:

I believe that trailers reveal so much information that it can spoil or at least impede the experience of watching a film for the first time. I would recommend avoiding trailers if you know you’re going to see a film. If you’re unsure of a film, however, be my guest.

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