Episode 1:The Academy Awards

As The Filmsmith continues to evolve (different appearance, regular postings), the podcast is our latest endeavor.  Spearheaded by Scott Molling, this is the first episode of what will hopefully become a weekly discussion of film-related matters.  We’ll also inform you of when the show is available on iTunes (hopefully this week).

In this episode Scott and I discuss what we’ve been watching and the Academy Award Nominations, highlighting our favorite nominees and our not-so-favorite nominees (this podcast was recorded January 29, 2011 so any date specific info should be disregarded).  Music comes from The Social Network soundtrack.

Episode 1 – 2010 Academy Award Nominations


  • Runtime – 1:31:41
  • What We’ve Been Watching-
  1. Scott Molling: Justified (1:20), Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer (5:02)
  2. Remington Smith: Flame and Citron (9:35), The Mechanic (12:30)
  • News – Aaron Sorkin has new tv show (15:35)
  • Feature Segment – Academy Award Nominations (17:19)

Give us your feedback below!

-Remington Smith

2 responses to “Episode 1:The Academy Awards

  1. I am very excited to block out some time to hear what you guys think.
    Yeah, filmmaking!!!

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