Robert Rodriguez directs short film The Black Mamba

Director of Sin City Robert Rodriguez just made a short film for Nike featuring Kobe Bryant, along with cameos from previous Rodriguez collaborators – and it’s awesome.

You can watch the film below:

At least if Rodriguez is going to do a commercial it gets to have his artistic stamp front and center.  Now flush with cash, maybe he’ll finally get Sin City 2 made.

Also, were they purposefully riffing from The Sandlot with the quote at the end?

“Heroes come and go, but legends are forever.” – The Black Mamba
“Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” – The Sandlot

-Remington Smith

One response to “Robert Rodriguez directs short film The Black Mamba

  1. Dale James Smith

    “Black Mamba” Short Film: “Not Too Shabby!”…”The Crippler”Claws/Talons were a nice touch. …The “shooting-hand trap- device” looked mega-lethal…Helicopters providing the lighting for the roof-top court was also impressive!…Feral-looking eyes of opponent players was cool. …”Basketball-Bomb:” I enjoyed where we see the reflection of the red “count-down numbers” reflected in West’s sunglasses!… Why not keep the cast as-is?
    This reminded me of the uncompleted film by Bruce Lee called “Game of Death:” Three martial artists have to defeat all different martial arts masters of different styles,–or else a familial hostage is killed… One master is on each ascending floor of a Pagoda-type Building. …To me, each master seemed to have greater skill than the master below them (A weakness in casting: All masters are males–Nun Wing Chun was very petite & female–However, she was very deadly! Some skills are not limited to only one gender)…”Wing Chun” was a style Bruce Lee studied under Yip Man…Whom amongst the three challenged martial artists went the highest?…Watch it and see…Whom was the master on the top floor of the Pagoda?…Kareem Abdul Jabbar…

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