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Arvin Chen discusses filmmaking, writing, and New Wave influences for Au Revoir Taipei

After seeing the delightful Au Revoir Taipei at the Edinburgh Film Fest, I had a chance to sit down and talk to the director about romantic comedies, French New Wave influences, and challenges as a writer. Continue reading

“Winter’s Bone” Director Q & A (no spoilers)

I know the video quality isn’t great (my camera can’t handle low light situations), but I figure it might be worth the audio to interested parties.

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“Monsters” post-screening Q & A (no spoilers)

Director Gareth Edwards is to the right, actors Whitney Able and Skoot McNairy to the left.

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Sir Patrick Stewart reveals his fanboy affection for acting at the Edinburgh Film Fest

Sir Patrick Stewart sits down to talk about growing up, Shakespeare, Star Trek, film vs. theatre, reality television, with open and earnest commentary.

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Darren Aronofsky: In Person

Darren Aronofsky (<em>left</em>) and the Unknown Interview Lady (<em>right</em>).

As was the same with the Sam Mendes talk: I was able to get a last minute ticket for the Darren Aronofsky event that had been sold out. I secured a front seat and the following video footage below. I did not have enough memory on my camera to cover the entire talk, so the rest is dictated word for word from my old school tape recorder (I really need to buy a digital one…).

Worth highlighting are his thoughts on 3D, music from his films cropping up in shitty trailers and sports events, and why some people hate The Fountain towards the end of Part 6. Please leave your thoughts at the bottom.

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Makers of Moon

Here is the conversation that took place with the filmmakers after the premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival:

Part 1
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Sam Mendes: In Person

So when I tried to find tickets to three director conversations, I was only able to get one. However, two hours before Mendes’ talk, a ticket opened up and I found myself front seat for this talk with the director of American Beauty and Road to perdition. Continue reading