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What is The Filmsmith?
The Filmsmith aims to critically assess a broad spectrum of films, from what’s coming out this weekend to silent films of the 1920’s. We love cinema and aim to share that passion, whether by panning or praising a certain picture, discussing the production of a film, or even addressing other artistic mediums (video games, books, music) when it’s merited. Our writing should be intelligent and full of verve and wit.

When do we update?
For the forseeable future, we’ll update at least every MondayWe may sometimes update more often, depending on our free time.  This is a shift away from our Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule while Remington Smith finishes a film script he’s working on.

Creator/Editor/Writer: Remington Smith
I have been writing film reviews and essays since starting this site in 2009. I recently received a Master’s degree in Film Studies from the University of Edinburgh, and I’m pursuing an MFA in Film Production at the University of Iowa.  I have also worked as a projectionist, and I managed and programmed the University of Louisville’s Floyd Theatre for two years.  I have written, produced, and directed four short films, and my first feature-length film is in development.  You can get quick thoughts on film news and DVDs I’m watching by following me on Twitter here.

Writer: Ben Creech
I am a student at the University of Louisville, working towards a degree in Modern Cultural Studies, with a focus in Film, Literature and Popular Music. I began writing film-related essays and reviews during the winter of 2008. I work at an independent video store, Wild and Woolly, which gives me access to any number of films to sate my cinematic appetite; I love the French New Wave and the films of Martin Scorsese.