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Cinema magic and spectacle stunning in Hugo

3D films have hit a steep decline since Avatar director James Cameron was able to swindle theater owners into converting to 3D projectors.  Rather than new projects, a string of recycled 3D offerings has been appearing in theaters: Disney has failed to properly compete with the computer animated films of Pixar or even Dreamworks, so they’re opting to re-release their hits from the 90s in 3D.  Even Cameron himself has been working on Titanic‘s 3D conversion instead of making another film.  Who would have thought that Martin Scorsese, a director known for portraying the most unsavory of gangsters, would be the one to remind us of the possibilities of 3D?

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The Hobbit to be shot on new Red Camera, Epic

Peter Jackson holding Red's latest camera, Epic.

Not only will Peter Jackson be directing The Hobbit, he is shooting it in 3D and will be using 30 new cameras from Red, called Epic. Continue reading

“Jackass 3D” recalls early cinema, but more mean-spirited

The first films ever made were single reels of a recorded event.  A boat rocking in the ocean as the sun set; a baby eating between smiling parents. These were soon followed by the fantastic special effects of the Méliès films and the daring do’s of Buster Keaton.  The work of the Jackass team is working within parameters strangely reminiscent of early cinema- but with much more mean spiritedness and fecal matter. Continue reading

“Resident Evil: Afterlife” wants to be SO COOL!, fails

When Resident Evil: Extinction came out in 2007, I was able to attend a sneak preview with some friends in tow.  How was it?  The poor souls who came with me to that screening still do not forgive me for their experience seeing a free movie.  Resident Evil: Afterlife is just as painful.

Imagine a thirteen-year-old boy who has never seen a film in his entire life.  Until one day he sees The Matrix. If he were to immediately make a film of his own following that one awesome experience, it would look a lot like Resident Evil: Afterlife.  Techno bombards you, slow-mo draws out action moments, and all bullets hit their target save for the ones aimed at the protagonist.  Anytime one of these elements drops into the film, you can just hear the director Paul W.S. Anderson saying, “ISN’T THIS SO COOL?!”  This of course is what makes the film so damn annoying.  Didn’t we all hate the kid who tried to be so cool?

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3D Already Dying?

Slate has published a great piece on the decline of 3D, which outlines how the format has gradually been losing its profitability since it re-emerged with Polar Express in 2004.  As thousands of new 3D screens opened up, the profits from 3D screenings have been tapering off, which Daniel Engber surmises, “There’s either too much supply or not enough demand.”

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Darren Aronofsky: In Person

Darren Aronofsky (<em>left</em>) and the Unknown Interview Lady (<em>right</em>).

As was the same with the Sam Mendes talk: I was able to get a last minute ticket for the Darren Aronofsky event that had been sold out. I secured a front seat and the following video footage below. I did not have enough memory on my camera to cover the entire talk, so the rest is dictated word for word from my old school tape recorder (I really need to buy a digital one…).

Worth highlighting are his thoughts on 3D, music from his films cropping up in shitty trailers and sports events, and why some people hate The Fountain towards the end of Part 6. Please leave your thoughts at the bottom.

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