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White collar workers feel the pain in “The Company Men”

A cadre of white collar workers making at least $160,000 a year lose their jobs to corporate downsizing to inflate the company’s stock price.  As the wealth disparity continues to divide the U.S. into binary classes (super rich or flat poor), a film that expects audiences to empathize with such characters should sink faster than a lead zeppelin.  Yet the film is able to dodge this pitfall to yield a decent drama. Continue reading

15 Films of Christmas (December Movie Preview)

In order for a film to qualify for the Academy Awards, it must be released theatrically before December 31st of a given year.  So December is when the drama train comes through after the pipe bomb explosion of summer blockbusters.  This year in particular, there is a lot to look forward to.

:note: Films listed as limited are those being released in New York City, L.A., and possibly Chicago.  This allows the film to receive exposure in the major markets and if it does well, get rolled out to other cities. Continue reading

Fall Movie Preview: October

The Social Network: October 1

This is already well known as “the facebook movie;” having David Fincher (Fight Club) on board as director makes an inane premise promising.

Continue reading