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DVD Tuesday: Buried a good bad film

Buried is a high-concept film about a man who has been buried alive with only his cellphone, lighter, and a limited supply of oxygen. It stars a frequently mediocre, otherwise bad, actor in the lead (read: only) role, and is helmed by a new director. This movie is supposed to be bad; it is meant to make a profit off of its obviously slim budget. However, in spite of all of that, it defies expectations and gives one of the most thrilling endings of the year. Continue reading

Fall(ish) Movie Preview: September

The summer film season is coming to a close, but there is plenty to look forward to. Here is your complete mega movie fall preview.

:author’s note:

I believe that trailers reveal so much information that it can spoil or at least impede the experience of watching a film for the first time. I would recommend avoiding trailers if you know you’re going to see a film. If you’re unsure of a film, however, be my guest.

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