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Lessons for 2017 Superhero Films: Spider-Man (2002)

spider-man-stills-006.jpgReleased in 2002, the original Spider-Man is what arguably kicked off the superhero movie craze*. As we enter what might be the peak saturation point for the genre, re-watching the spidey film for perspective reveals less how far the genre has come, and actually highlights where it has faltered. 

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Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page funny vigilantes in “Super”

Kick-Ass brought us the first self-aware skewering of the superhero genre, but it won’t be the last.  James Gunn, director of the horror comedy Slither, returns with Super – which looks to be a pastiche of violence, dark comedy, and Adam West Batman comic graphics. Continue reading

The Green Hornet lacks sting

Oh sweet, sweet January.  As December 31st represents the cutoff date for films to be eligible for Oscar consideration, the first few months of the year usher in a flood of films the studios unceremoniously dump into cinemas to fulfill contractual obligations. The Green Hornet is no exception to the rule. Continue reading