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Life with cancer not all tragedy in 50/50

The last time comedy was placed alongside cancer, it was called Funny People.  Despite Funny People being a quality film, audiences were supremely annoyed that it wasn’t the usual Adam Sandler shenanigans but instead consisted more of drama than comedy.  50/50 should avoid the same sort of audience disdain, as it blends comedy and drama with equal measure. Continue reading

“Shaun of the Dead” alumni bring hilarity to sci-fi comedy “Paul”

The last time you saw Nick Frost and Simon Pegg together they were in Hot Fuzz, diving through the air firing two guns at the same time screaming “Ahhh!”  Four years later, Frost and Pegg have written and starred in a hilarious ode to all things sci-fi in Paul.

Continue reading

The Green Hornet lacks sting

Oh sweet, sweet January.  As December 31st represents the cutoff date for films to be eligible for Oscar consideration, the first few months of the year usher in a flood of films the studios unceremoniously dump into cinemas to fulfill contractual obligations. The Green Hornet is no exception to the rule. Continue reading

Funny People: Quick Review

A lot has been made of this film, as it’s Judd Apatow’s third film, following his successes with 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, and there’s a lot worth praising. As usual with his work the film walks a fine line between being a comedy or a drama, leaning more for the emotional punches that just happen to be funny. Continue reading