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The Best of 2011 so far

We’re a little more than half-way through the year and given the plethora of films I, Remington Smith, and writer co-hort Ben Creech, review, we thought it would be a good time to chat about our favorite films of the year so far.   Here’s that conversation: Continue reading

Hanna an instant action classic

Once upon a time in the snowy forests of Finland, there was a girl named Hanna who knew only her father, his training, and their simple cottage.  When she came of age, Hanna decided it was time for her to see the outside world.  Hanna sees Morocco, makes her first friend, and packs the morgue with baddie bodies. Continue reading

Hanna trailer: Girls get to kick some ass

Big Daddy and Hit Girl were the shining stars of 2010’s Kick-Ass and the trailer released for Hanna shares similar qualities to Hit Girl’s violent badass tendencies

Continue reading