Hanna trailer: Girls get to kick some ass

Big Daddy and Hit Girl were the shining stars of 2010’s Kick-Ass and the trailer released for Hanna shares similar qualities to Hit Girl’s violent badass tendencies

Both Hanna and Hit Girl have their predecessors of course (Natalie Portman in Leon: The Professional), but this looks to be the first film that allows the young girl to be the film’s main character while making the bodies hit the floor (Hit Girl was a supporting character and Portman didn’t kill anyone).  After last year’s slew of films featuring strong female characters (Fish Tank, Winter’s Bone, Easy A), Hanna looks to be continuing the trend.  Hopefully it will be as awesome as it looks.

-Remington Smith

3 responses to “Hanna trailer: Girls get to kick some ass

  1. Shame it’s only PG-13 thus we’ll get the sterile violence without consequences. I would have preferred the total Kick Ass route–R and bloody (well maybe not THAT over the top bloody).

    • I did not realize it was PG-13. This is most unfortunate not only because we can’t be treated like adults, but the “sterile violence without consequences.” Especially when it is at the hands of a child, consequences could lead to more interesting character introspection.

  2. Dale James Smith

    RE: Hanna, Kick-Ass,Leon: El Professional…
    La Femme Nikita (’90), Point of No Return(’93), Long Kiss Goodnight (’96/97), The Replacement Killers (circa ’90’s), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, &…Underworld…

    Remington: Hello! I have not viewed “Kick-Ass” nor “Hanna.”

    However, I have listed some films that generally focus on a character whom happens to be female, & in most films, the female is the lead/Alpha Female. Each female character does not need a male to take care of them & to protect them…
    Film: “La Femme Nikita,” 1990: Nikita rebells and her boss shoots her in the leg: One way to motivate her! (# This is my favorite, although…)

    Film U. S. : “Point of No Return,” 1993, Bridget Fond as “Cop-Killer: Maggie Hayward…Essentially a US nersion of Nikita–Even Fonda’s character name is …’Nina’ ( With 3 letters from ‘Nikita)…

    Film: “Long Kiss Goodnight,” circa 1996, Director Renny Harlan, Geena Davis is the heroine–Samuel L. Jackson is the sidekick–though a very good one. Actor Brian Cox (“Uncle Argyle Wallace,” in Braveheart) is Geena Davis characters’ “Control” (handler, supervisor, etc.)

    Film: “The Replacement Killers,” Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite, Mimic,) & Chao Yun Fat. Sorvino is Fat’s equal: She doesn’t need a guardian. Her frequent line: “…..(she’ll say a very challenging remark, pause, then say: )”…I didn’t think so…”

    Film: “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” Peta Wilson* as Mina Harker doesn’t need any help–she never asks for it!…She is the only female character!

    Films: “Underworld,” Kate Beckinsale’s Character is center lifeforce for at least half of the action.

    Honorable Mentions:


    “Swiri,” ’99, Korean Specialist (Female Agent) Hee of the Korean 8th Special Forces Group….

    “Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever,” ’02, Lucy Liu, A. Banderas.


    “Courage Under Fire,” Meg Ryan ( Only Female Stand-Alone Character), D. Washington, M. Damon, L. D. Phillips, Michael Moriarity, Lance Henrikson.

    “Elektra,” J. Garner’s character, as well as young female prodigy.

    “Thelma & Louise.”

    # Breakdown of …”La Femme Nikita”*

    Film:” L. F. N.,” 1990 ~
    Film: “Point of No Return,” 1993
    TV Series: “La Femme Nikita,” Five Seasons: Circa 1997-2002…*Peta Wilson ^ portrayed Nikita…
    TV Series:* “L. F. N., Currently On,” Maggie Q

    ^ Peta Wilson had a small part in “Superman Returns,” & is slated to be in…”Hellraiser: Revolutions,”…

    ~ Anne Parillaud (first “Nikita”): One weapon that she used in “L. F. N.” was… a silenced ( Muffled Noise Supressor) STEYR AUG, an Austrian-Made Assault Rifle.

    I hope that all of you may view and enjoy at least some of these….

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