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Jane Eyre – a master class in adaptation

For all intents and purposes there are two kinds of adaptations. The first comes out of respect for the original source, immense reverence for the intent of the original author, and a meticulous approach to detail. This is the faithful adaptation. The other, unfortunately much more common, is the interpretation of the original. It places the characters in a new setting, or alters their relationships to invoke new themes or update the old ones to be more relevant today (a lamentable approach, as many of those altered themes were universal to begin with). Rarely does a filmmaker succeed in either category, as either the book far outshines the complexity achieved by the film, or the book was so forgettable people fail to recognize the adaptation at work. Here, however, is a prime example of not only a perfect adaptation, but one that eschews the aforementioned dialectic. It creates a wholly original work, one that pays more than its due to the Bronte novel, but also completely devoted to playing with his own themes. In both areas it succeeds tremendously. Continue reading

Teens Wreak Havoc on NY in ‘The Prodigies’ trailer

Out of left field comes a film that may have escaped your radar. The Prodigies is taking things back with their animation in what looks like a Matrix-esque themed adventure. This retro-film may be a breath of fresh air in the otherwise sleek world of contemporary cinema.

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Joaquin Phoenix in ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’?

After the world was exposed to the documentary I’m Still Here, many wondered what would become of Joaquin Phoenix . Turns out he may become a Vampire Hunter instructor. Continue reading

DVD Tuesday: Freakonomics not that mind-blowing

In 2005, economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dobner published a book that changed the way we think about everything from incentives and causality to sumo wrestling and abortion. Their research and case studies radically shifted the paradigm of contemporary thought, especially as it pertained to the constantly changing economy. Last year “six rogue filmmakers” tried to adapt this book into a documentary. Unfortunately the film doesn’t really do anything.  Continue reading