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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: title fail

Morgan Spurlock’s debut documentary, Super Size Me, didn’t offer any revelatory information (eating McDonald’s everyday is bad for you?  Say it ain’t so!), but actually seeing the food’s physical effects on Spurlock in heavy doses made you question the merits of even the occasional Big Mac.  Spurlock’s latest venture, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,  again declares the obvious (product placement exists), but gives little motivation to ring the alarms. Continue reading

DVD Tuesday: Freakonomics not that mind-blowing

In 2005, economist Steven Levitt and journalist Stephen Dobner published a book that changed the way we think about everything from incentives and causality to sumo wrestling and abortion. Their research and case studies radically shifted the paradigm of contemporary thought, especially as it pertained to the constantly changing economy. Last year “six rogue filmmakers” tried to adapt this book into a documentary. Unfortunately the film doesn’t really do anything.  Continue reading