“Monsters” post-screening Q & A (no spoilers)

Director Gareth Edwards is to the right, actors Whitney Able and Skoot McNairy to the left.

5 responses to ““Monsters” post-screening Q & A (no spoilers)

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  2. I’ve followed the hype and I really want to see this, but living near Bristol, it seems VERY unlikely! Any ideas? Is there a trailer for it? I cant find one!! After your review of it, i’m very much on board, but doubt i’ll get to see it.

    Whatcha think?


    • The Filmsmith

      Well, I know it has a release date in the U.S. (October 29), but I’m not sure who the international distributor will be. I’d recommend you avoid seeing/reading too much information about the film so that it’s exciting and fresh. I went in just hearing it was good and I think that blindness helped make it so enjoyable.

      The mantra I’ve started is: If I know I’m going to see it, avoid the ads/info. If not, read some info, but still be careful.

  3. You should mention that there seem to be major spoilers in here even though you say their isn’t. i hear stuff about somebody having a son, somebody’s engaged etc.

    • Most of that stuff has to do with actors themselves getting engaged, etc. I edited the film when they reveal spoilers about the film.

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