Episode 2: Paul, Drive Angry 3D, Valhalla Rising

In this episode Scott Molling and I welcome filmmaker and creator of the webseries  The Brew Hunters, Joe Hotek, to talk about Valhalla RisingListen here or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


  • Runtime – 2:18:32
  • What We’ve Been Watching
  1. Joe Hotek: Red Riding Trilogy (1:20), Dr. Who (4:51), Terribly Happy (7:00), Battlestar Galactica (12:16)
  2. Scott Molling: The Thin Red Line (13:58), Friday Night Lights tv series (35:21)
  3. Remington Smith: Paul (41:36), Drive Angry 3D (49:53)
  • News
  1. P.T. Anderson gets funding for scientology film (1:03:39)
  2. Criterion Collection leaves Netflix for Hulu Plus (1:13:55)
  • Feature Segment – Valhalla Rising (1:26:19)
  • Closing Credits – Music comes from the Valhalla Rising soundtrack.

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-Remington Smith

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