I didn’t know there was so much blood in “Snowman’s Land”

Walter’s a regular guy: he wakes up, eats some food and goes to work – killing people.  However, when Walter whacks the wrong guy in a men’s bathroom, his boss puts him on hiatus.  One of his hitman colleagues, Francois, tells him to take a job in the mountains: get some fresh air, time away from the world, relaxation!  Of course, vacations never turn out as you expect and given Walter’s line of work, the unexpected can be lethal.

Snowman’s Land has a slow  burn, but once it’s going it has some genuine tense moments.  Though this black comedy tale of hitmen isn’t as well constructed as the over-looked, In Bruges, Snowman’s Land is a decent film.  The Baz Luhrmann-ish narration highlights the comedy of Walter’s plight and there’s a kinship to The Shining‘s Overlook Hotel and the winter pad in the mountains Walter can’t seem to escape.  Not to mention that head-honcho Berger, whose voice alone is scary, ensures the film stays afloat.

Snowman’s Land is an okay black comedy/thriller that would be worth a rental.

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