Joe Johnston’s Captain America: Shelved?

A source at John Landis’ Burke and Hare film shoot informed me that due to The Wolfman’s poor performance, the Captain American film (set to be released 2011 according to imdb) has been pushed back.

Considering a look at reveals the $150 million dollar werewolf flick has grossed under $100 million worldwide, this doesn’t seem too unlikely. The delay in shooting could indicate a change in directors.

Can’t say I’m too disappointed. Johnston directed Jurassic Park III and The Wolfman, both of which weren’t very impressive.


Since io9 and some other sites picked this story up, Marvel has issued an official response to my post, saying they are not delaying the film.

8 responses to “Joe Johnston’s Captain America: Shelved?

  1. I hope this is true, because it could mean Jensen Ackles in the running again. A delay will be worth it to have Ackles as Cap!

  2. Jensen isn’t charismatic enough.

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  5. I hope this is true! Best news I’ve heard on the movie yet !!! His movies do suck, and the lead actors supposedly in the running are atrocious.

  6. They should delay it, and indefinitely. For my money, it’s virtually guaranteed to be a disaster.

  7. Out of all those guys, Krasinski IS the only worthwhile one. He’s tall enough which is something he’ll need if he is to have a commanding presence. Still pretty young to pull it off(not like these 90210 wannabes), and with a great workout regimen, reminds me of Wieringo’s Cap. I dare say he could do it.

  8. So Neil Fifer for CA then?

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