Burke and Hare: Edinburgh, Day 2

The cast and crew returned from shooting in Sterling for two days to wrap up shooting in Edinburgh, Friday night and Saturday morning before moving to the next location (possibly back to London). Here are the photos (sorry about the quality, extreme low-light conditions)

If you want to find their shooting location, just follow the trucks. I stumbled across these on my way home.


They were filming on a street that ran beneath the street in the photo. So they had lighting crews set up above the set.

The set of Burke and Hare from above.

Serious lighting. I felt bad for the guy who had to stand in this cherry picker, in the rain, with a very hot, electric lamp.

This tavern is like a VIP club, with a 19th century bouncer that allows Andy Serkis and Simon Pegg inside.

Crew members were running umbrellas to and away from extras as they tried to keep the detailed costumes dry.

Getting ready for the shoot.

In this scene, Serkis and Pegg are in line to get into this exclusive tavern.  The bouncer lets them in as horse drawn carriages and extras pass by.

Wider shot of the scene playing out (camera can’t zoom while recording)

I know where they’re shooting tomorrow, so keep checking the blog for updates.

7 responses to “Burke and Hare: Edinburgh, Day 2

  1. Hi there! I’m living in Edinburgh and was wondering if you could tell me where they are shooting today – I’d love to drop by and watch for a bit. Cheers!

  2. im just back from the set they were filming today in edinburgh castle i got an interview with the director john landis i will put the video up on youtube soon

  3. Great videos. I’m extremely jealous hehe! However I did manage to catch a glimpse of John Landis in Teviot Place before getting into a car presumably to go back to London. I then watched all the equipment get put back. It’s a shame they didn’t stay in Edinburgh long I thought they’d be here for about a week. I didn’t get chance to see any of the sets or actors 😦

    Craig, how did you get so close, did you have to have permission or are you just a lucky git lol?

    Any chance they might return for re-shoots? I hope so cos why stay in Edinburgh for such a short time if this is where it really happened?

    • hey there alex! i was hanging around long enough beside the security guards and then i started talkin to the equiptment driver and i just followed him passed the security and onto the set lol they must of thought i was part of the crew lol so i seen an openin and just went for it lol i was expecting security to grab me and throw me out any minute so i was trying to grab as much footage as i could! i was just wondering about set just blending in lol and i hung around until they wrapped filming and i quickly ran over to john landis and he was kind enough to let me film him and have a chat and one of the camera operators on the film was kind enough to hold my camera and film for me! lol i went through to edinburgh just expecting to get a glimpse of the set from afar i never ever expected to actually have a chat with john landis! that was their last day filming in edinburgh now thier filmin in london. i wasnt even gonna go at first coz i thought i wouldnt get any way near the set so there would be no point but a part of me was saying just go you will never get this chance again! so just whent on the off chance! i was even gonna bring throu my copy of an american werewolf in london dvd for him to sign but i thought i wouldnt even get within a 100ft of him! lol im kicking my self now!:(:(:( wen the crew men were takin the set down tehy were kind enough to give me some of posters used to decorate the set so iv got some memoribilia! :):) the crew driver told me thats them finished in scotland sadly 😦

  4. who took the photos of the buggys?

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