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‘Oldboy’ Director Makes Film On iPhone

Technology is a great tool that we use on a daily basis and the advancement of that technology has allowed a new wave of filmmakers to break on to the scene.  News headlines are now announcing the newest in filmmaking technology, one that is near-accessible to everyone: your phone.

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Go see the “Repo Men”

The trailers for Repo Men hinted at two possible paths for the film: interesting dystopian setting for an unmemorable action flick–or something more special.  I am glad to say it’s the latter.

Repo Men, as the title suggests, is about repo man Remy (Jude Law), who reclaims organs from customers who have fallen behind on their payments for artificial livers, spleens, hearts, etc.  Victims (or “clients”) are tased, read their rights while unconscious, and then Remy goes to work collecting. Continue reading