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Source Code’s Ending: Bitter Pill?


At the end of the film, Colter Stevens has been transported to the train, where he finally averts the explosion and then stays in the body of Sean Fentress.  It appears this is possible because he isn’t killed as Sean, so he isn’t snapped back to his body.  If he had failed, he would be dead for good since Goodwin pulls the plug on his body.

But what about the real Sean Fentress?  Since the Source Code machine is thought to just tap into the memory of someone already dead, there’s not a lot of moral consideration for Fentress considering the mission (which is also Stevens’ situation).  But since Sean Fentress doesn’t die on the train due to Stevens’ intervention, what happens to his consciousness? Continue reading

Source Code a genuine sci-fi thriller

Nicolas Cage picks projects that can be hit or miss (Bringing Out the Dead vs Bangkok Dangerous); Jake Gyllenhaal seems to follow a similar pattern of doing the safe film, then the artistic one ( Prince of Persia vs Donnie Darko).  Thankfully Source Code, Gyllenhaal’s latest, is a taut sci-fi thriller worth seeing. Continue reading

First five minutes of “Source Code” leaves you wanting less

After gaining a following and critical acclaim for his movie Moon, many were eager to see what material Duncan Jones would take on next. And then Source Code,  a spec script written by Ben Ripley, fell into his hands and the rest is history. The film is currently having a run at the SXSW Film Festival and will be released nationally April 4th. Last Tuesday the first five minutes of the film were put online so the world could get a little taste of the things to come. However, the footage doesn’t deliver and leaves you wondering if Jones’ film is going to bomb at the box office. And here is why it just might…

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“Moon” director has new film

Duncan Jones directed the much-lauded sci-fi tale Moon and he already has a follow-up project starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Source Code.

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