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EIFF Daily Roundup (part 5)

* I visited a hilarious HIGH School

* Winter’s Bone has a chilly, but warm sentiment

* Wasn’t Lucky enough to win the jackpot

other news

The director of Winter’s Bone spoke briefly about the film after the screening.  The lead actress, Jennifer Lawrence, is a Kentucky native and it made shooting in the Ozarks an accessible transition from one mountainous region to another.  I’ll have video up in a few days.

reviews to come

Au Revoir Taipei, an evening with Sir Patrick Stewart

“HIGH School” is a more fun than I remember

A high school comedy in which two former friends come together to get the entire campus stoned could reek of not just THC but of banal stoner snickers.  However, High School ensured that, despite my sober state, I would have just as much fun as the chemically altered characters on screen (sans the paranoia). Continue reading