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Haywire shames other female “action stars”

On the screen is a 100 lb. blond girl who dreams of her head reaching the 5’2″ line on the tape measure.  Yet Ms. Twigs-for-Arms is able to throw a 200 lb. muscled man across the room, because she knows kung fu or is special in some supernatural way.  This is the sin of “Waif Fu“, which allows girl characters to kick some ass without bypassing the strict aesthetic of emaciated female tv/film actresses.  Haywire blows this trope out of the water, finally delivering a female action star that looks like she can take a beating equal to the one she dishes out. Continue reading

Beginners tackles love, memory, and history

The year is 2011 and this is a review about a story in 2003.  Oliver’s parents Hal and Georgia marry in 1955.  Georgia dies in 1998.  Hal comes out as a gay man after her death at 75.  He dies in 2003.  Beginners is a story about sorting out the past as we proceed through the present – also known as living.

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DVD Tuesday: I Love You Phillip Morris

I Love You Phillip Morris was destined to be the cult movie of the year. Written and directed by cult veterans Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Bad Santa), and starring the always zany Jim Carrey, there seemed to be little to prevent this film from skyrocketing into a sleeper hit. Add to all of this that the MPAA didn’t know what to do about the homosexuality in the film and that it endured an 8-month delay and burgeoning controversy, it seemed a shoo-in for a number of award ceremonies. So what stopped it from achieving a meteoric rise? It was just alright. Not good, not bad, just…ok. And this, it seems is the nail in the coffin for any forgettable film.  Continue reading