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Fright Night re-make’s cast gives it bite

The 1985 horror film Fright Night is an imperfect classic:  The oscillating tones of hilarity and horror are undermined by goofy over-dramatic synth soundtrack (yet still charming), as the whiny Charlie Brewster decides what to do about the vampire next door.  Due to these imperfections in the original, the recent remake is a worthy re-telling of the 80’s original. Continue reading

Screenwriter’s Memoir To Be Adapted For Film

Emma Forrest is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles trying to make a name for herself, but she also writes books.  Her next book is a memoir entitled Your Voice In My Head and covers her relationship with actor Colin Farrell and her attempts at suicide.  Interested?  So are production companies.

Continue reading

The Way Back a groan-worthy tale

A Russian gulag does not make for cozy living.  In the middle of the cold Siberian hellscape, the camp commander reminds the prisoners that the compound isn’t their prison: the environment is.  A handful of prisoners decide to make a break for it, and what starts off as a gritty escape film devolves ludicrousness. Continue reading