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Hard-on for the Marines keeps “Battle: L.A.” from taking off

In the last 1/3 of Battle: L.A. protagonist Michael Nantz finally confesses to one of his men the details of the inner strife that has been percolating.  It’s supposed to be an emotionally charged moment, but it’s abruptly deflated when Nantz proclaims, “But none of that matters right now.”  And much to its detriment, that’s precisely how the film treats anything without bullets and fireballs. Continue reading

“Hedwig” director tackles tragedy in Rabbit Hole

John Cameron Mitchell reinvigorated the sexually confused rock musical with Hedwig and the Angry Inch, following this with a meditation on (explicit) sexuality’s emotional power in Shortbus.  For Rabbit Hole he takes on the straight couple demographic, as Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart try to keep their marriage from sinking on rocky shores. Continue reading