Batman goes mental in amazing fan video, The Batman Complex

When you come across fan-made videos, whether they are trailers to a film they’d love to see or short film musings on an aspect of a beloved character, they’re at best entertaining.  The fan-trailer for The Batman Complex however, goes beyond casual amusement and straight into, “Why haven’t they already made this?!”

Crafted using several Christopher Nolan films (Batman, The Dark Knight, Inception), tons of Christian Bale’s (Equilibrium, The Machinist), and a bit of Shutter Island (for starters*), The Batman Complex taps into the recent popularity of regarding Batman just as crazy as the villains he fights.  The result is a head-trip truly deserving of the Batman.

Here’s the teaser trailer:

The main thematic threads The Batman Complex operates upon (a man who is going crazy without sleep in The Machinist, leading to the Batman hero complex due to dream hacking via Inception), are blended so well it almost feels pre-ordained to fit together. 

Someone please start a Kickstarter project to encourage this guy to cut a full length film version of his trailer.

-Remington Smith

*From what I can tell, the film is comprised of clips from Equilibrium, The Machnist, Reign of Fire, American Psycho, The Prestige, Inception, Shutter Island, Batman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and supposedly Smallville.  Also, you’ve got to love the theme from The Fountain tying the whole package together with a beautiful but threatening atmosphere. 

2 responses to “Batman goes mental in amazing fan video, The Batman Complex

  1. Dale James Smith

    A very awe-inspiring post!…As a major fan of “(The) Bat-Man,” the ‘melding’ of these films seem to create a synergy where the mixture of the films make “The Bat-Man Complex” even greater than each film –standing alone!…”The sum total becomes greater (synergy) than their individual parts (films, separately)…”

    I want to acknowledge here that I have not viewed “Equilibrium,” “The Machinist,” nor “American Psycho.”

    A very young Bruce Wayne creating a “fantasy world & persona” makes much sense to me–his own “world” & “persona” were most likely “coping mechanisms,” to deal with his childhood traumas: Trapped in The Abandoned Well with possibility of death if not ever found; Seeing his parents die right before his very own eyes: Losing one or both parents while a child is an extremely difficult life challenge to overcome–Ideally, a person’s parents (hopefully) are alive until the former child is an adult.

    Also, perhaps one reason “Bat-Man” is so effective dealing with higher-functioning criminals, is because he has a stronger sense of their motivations & subsequent actions–(higher intuitive abilities?)–“…
    …Send a Maniac to Catch a Maniac!….”Sylvester Stallone as ‘John Spartan,’ when he goes to capture Wesley Snipes as ‘Simon Phoenix,’ from the film,”Demolition Man.”

    …Still, I have viewed the other films–So when Bale says “….You’re Insane, & I want you out before you do more damage!….” I recognize this from one of my favorite films, “Reign of Fire.”
    …In my opinion, Bale, Matthew M. (as “Van Zant,”) and the Female Helicopter Pilot, created extremely solid character interactions…I would like to see the Actress portraying the Lady Pilot having more film opportunities.

    I also want to openly acknowledge that, again, in my opinion, the “Batman Versus Predator” Short was very, very, very well-done. I watched it at least three times-maybe four!

    If Robin Williams & Phillip Seymour Hoffman are both in “Dark Knight Rises,” then I believe that it will be a very powerful piece of film work…The appearance of the character “Bane” seems, to me, to work better here, than the “Bane” of the earlier Bat-Man film. …I say “If,” because am unsure where actual “Dark Knight Rises” story ends, and where very dedicated Bat-Man & Film Fans’ “Fantasy Bat-Man Film (Scenarios)” begin.

    Remington, I need to say here that this is one of your best posts–if not the best (to date), in “My Humble Fan-Man of ‘The Bat-Man’ Way!!!…”
    Each post frequently is (perhaps) better than its predator–er, I mean, its predecessor!

  2. Jarod Warner

    Yep, The Fountain score made it all come together. Man, I love The Fountain….

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