X-Men: First Class fan-made credit sequence classy and graphic

The art of a credit sequence is probably one you haven’t thought of unless you’re watching the latest Bond film.  This fan-made opening credit sequence for the upcoming X-Men: First Class demonstrates how graphic design can set the mood for a film – in this instance by channelling the film’s 1960’s setting with bold outlines of various X-Men and the images of the era’s most prolific personalities.  Even if you have no interest in the latest X-Men film, this is quite cool.

Definitely expand it to full screen.

I love that the video uses the musical intro from the animated X-Men tv show and pushes it through a slow-moving Victrola for maximum “old-timey” effect.

-Remington Smith

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2 responses to “X-Men: First Class fan-made credit sequence classy and graphic

  1. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree: this is very, VERY nice!

    This is yet further proof-positive that in an age where the majority of us want most things INSTANT, we have lost the art of CRAFT, taking the time and acre (and dare I say, LOVE?) to do/say/make things with an air of EXCELLENCE, first time, every time…

    …Hollywood and her kind have MUCH to learn from the very people they have the temerity to churn their fodder out to — the FANS.

  2. (for “INSTANT” and “acre”, please read “INSTANTLY” and “care”… THAT’S what I get for typing in anger… ^_^ !!!)

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