Sex and Comedy in ‘Elektra Luxx’ Trailer

Carla Gugino has played an array of roles over the course of her film career: caring wife in The One, superhero in Watchmen, probation officer in Sin City, spy-mom in Spy Kids, a forensics specialist in Righteous Kill, and an upcoming role in the Zack Snyder film Sucker Punch. But there may be one performance you haven’t heard of, her role as an ex-porn star.

Catch the trailer below.

Starring alongside Gugino are Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception), Malin Akerman (Watchmen),  and others you’re likely to recognize. The film is directed by Sebastian Gutierrez, the writer for the not-so-amazing Gothika and the infamous Snakes on a Plane.  Elektra Luxx debuted at last year’s SXSW film festival; it is a sequel to Gutierrez’s 2009 film, Women in Trouble. See the trailer for Women in Trouble below.

Elektra Luxx picks up right where Women in Trouble left off and many wonder if this follow-up can do better than the original. Catch the film’s debut March 11th and until then, leave us your thoughts below!

— Aaron Faulkner

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