Christopher Nolan Talks About ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Christopher Nolan has always been strict about secrecy, and his forthcoming Batman film is no exception. But it it seems that he is finally ready to talk a it about the sequel everyone is waiting to see, The Dark Knight Rises.

After the success of Nolan’s latest film Inception, people hoped he would get back to the Batman series immediately. However, there was a time when Nolan wasn’t sure if he was going to do any more Batman films; specifically, after The Dark Knight was released.  ComingSoon had the opportunity to sit in at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and listen to Nolan speak about the film, of which he said, “it was about finishing the story.” And from the buzz around the internet, it sounds like it’s going to be one heck of a story.

Nolan will be working off a script produced with his usual collaborators, David S. Goyer and Nolan’s brother Jonah. The film is bringing back its main cast and is set to introduce some exciting characters to the mix. Anne Hathaway has signed on to play Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, though there has been no word if Hathaway will get the chance to play the part of the famous feline. When asked about this, Nolan simply “smiled coyly and wouldn’t say a word.” Joining Hathaway will be Tom Hardy, who played a role in Nolan’s recent Inception and is set to play the part of Bane. Though not as well-known to the average film-goer as Catwoman, to those in the comic book world Bane is known as a mountain of muscle,  a luchador-esque (Mexican-wrestler), villain. He’s even more famously known as the man who broke Batman’s back. There’s a ton of fan boy speculation and debate concerning whether the latter will take place in The Dark Knight Rises but The Filmsmith is going to stay out of that passionate debate.

Nolan stated that principal photography is set to begin in May with the film set for a December 2012 release. This means, excitingly, that the rest of the casting positions should be revealed soon. The film is expected to bring on two new male and two female roles, a quote half-filled by the recent announcements. Rumors suggest that the other roles may be Hugo Strange (a scientist obsessed with Batman) and Talia al Ghul (the daughter to Ra’s al Ghul, played by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins).

What do you think of the recent news? Who could the last two roles go to?

— Aaron Faulkner

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