More faux-trailers from Grindhouse receiving full length treatment?

Over at Rope of Silicon, they’ve posted a re-vamped version of the Grindhouse fake trailer, Hobo with a Shotgun.  If you didn’t see it, you’re probably in the U.S. as it was a trailer screened mostly in Canada.  The original trailer fit the Grindhouse experience with a ridiculous title that matched its content:

Just like Machete, the trailer has birthed a full length film.  The trailer for the feature has been released – featuring Rutger Hauer as the hobo with a shotgun.

In the Silicon piece, they appropriately surmise that if Machete performs well at the box office, then other Grindhouse trailers like Hobo and Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving could get the full length treatment.  With a new trailer that adds an unsettling performance by Rutger Hauer, Hobo looks to be on track for such a scenario.

Hobo director Jason Eisner also did the amazing/hilarious/gorific short, Treevenge, which you can watch below.  (But seriously, it gets really messed up and nasty toward the end; you’ve been warned)

One response to “More faux-trailers from Grindhouse receiving full length treatment?

  1. Holy shit that trailer was bloody.

    I am sold.

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