Avoid “Putty Hill”

The tears of pretty people were the film's highlight.

This was just a bad, bad, bad movie.

It’s a docu-drama centered around a kid who has recently died of an overdose and the people who come together to cope with his death.

The film wants the poetics of a Gus Van Sant film (the beauty of youth), but when it strays from the documentary vibe, the drama comes through as extremely contrived.  Though I’m sure this film would have received high marks as a student’s first time film (at least on the technical end most everything is working), this is not something you want to watch unless it’s a part of your job description.

There was a steady stream of audience members abandoning this ship, but what kept me there was keeping you away from the picture with my review.  Overwrought, boring, don’t go near it.

2 responses to “Avoid “Putty Hill”

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