EIFF Daily Roundup (pt 3)

* Jean Reno gets angry when he’s shot with 22 Bullets

*Blank City teaches me that 1970’s New York was the shit

other news

Not much to report.  It was a beautiful day:

Salisbury Crags

I live right next to Holyrood Park, so my daily walks to the cinemas start with this pleasant welcome to the day’s work.

But it was a little hot, reaching the 70’s without much wind.  Most Americans are laughing right now, but considering Edinburgh’s yearly temperature is 40-50 degrees with regular wind and rain, temperatures in the 70s are noteworthy.  Most places also lack air conditioning (you might need it 7 days out of the year), so the grocery store freezers and fridges are wheezing like old timers with emphysema trying to fight the heat.

reviews to come

Monsters, Jackboots on Whitehall (described as the U.K.’s Team America), Countdown to Zero

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