London Burke and Hare Photos

Blog reader Stefanos sent these:

Stefanos says he did not see these cranes being used. Possibly unrelated construction.

Hearse and Horse (butt)

The scene being shot.

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3 responses to “London Burke and Hare Photos

  1. BryanSandolov

    Does anyone know of any good documentaries about this. I saw the STV documentary on UK tv when the Burke and Hare movie came out but didn’t think it made what happened very clear.

  2. Has anyone seen the documentary (Burke and Hare the Body Merchants)? heard it was a lot better than the film and was thinking about watching it soon.

  3. Wow neat photos. I thought the film was okay, but the documentary (Burke and Hare the Body Merchants) was a better portrayal in my view.

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