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Thunder God Thor needs a better writer

Ever since Marvel took control of the films about their characters (Iron Man, then The Incredible Hulk) the superhero genre has matured beyond doe eyed children (Spider-Man) to cocksure teenagers with some justifiable swagger.  Despite not owning the rights to some of it’s most popular characters (the Spider-Man films are controlled by Sony, and the X-Men, 20th Century Fox), Marvel has its sights set high on an Avengers film in 2012, featuring Iron Man, Captain America (coming out this summer), Hulk, and Thor.  The ultimate question is if they will not just introduce interesting characters, but give us stories to care about.  Thor strives for such storytelling, but struggles to escape painful melodrama. Continue reading

Super Bowl Rewind: The Trailers

In case you missed the many trailers that premiered during the Super Bowl commercial breaks, we’ve collected a batch to help you catch up:

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