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Best Horror and Sci-Fi of 2010

In my family’s house, horror films were  a staple.  Fright Night, The Monster Squad, and the genre-mashing Big Trouble in Little China were family staples, fascinating as much for their special effects as for the worlds they explored. As Ben Creech once commented, horror and sci-fi are cousins to the fantasy genre, and I would have to concur.  These genres, traditionally looked down upon by critics and award shows, create fantastic worlds that aren’t always welcoming, but are nonetheless amazing feats of construction.

The following are some horror and sci-fi films of 2010 that are remarkable for the ways in which they play with the trappings of their genre.  In other words, they do something that’s refreshing.  Gather a posse and chow down on some cool cinema.  (Click on the title to read my full review) Continue reading

“The Last Exorcism” delivers August terrors

There are plenty of horror directors I would call outright hacks: an over-reliance on atmospheric music, silly jump scares, and tracing the footsteps of horror film giants are some common hack tropes.  I therefore appreciate the fact that The Last Exorcism shies away from these amateur tactics and delivers a weaving, apprehensive paranormal package. Continue reading