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The Filmsmith’s Best of 2010

One first reaction to a “Best of” list toward the end of January 2011 might be confusion:  “Why didn’t you write this up at the end of the year like everyone else?”  The major reason is that quite a few notable films of the year didn’t become available until recently.  I had to take a trip to Chicago to see several of these titles, some of which my colleagues still have yet to see.

Now that The Filmsmith is a publication with voices beyond my own, we decided to each draw up our Top Tens of 2010 and wherever there was crossover, lump those together.  Therefore, this is The Filmsmith’s Best of 2010 (individual staff lists will be released tomorrow). Continue reading

Rent This: The American earns an Easy A along with The Other Guys

As I have previously pointed out, January-March are the cinema doldrums, a lull between festival season and the looming summer blockbusters.  So it’s nice to visit the video store and find several titles that will surprise you with how good they are. Continue reading