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Melancholia – A Stark Fantasy of Depression

Lars von Trier made headlines earlier this year for his Hitler-sympathy gaffe at Cannes, and as a result, that controversy took up the bulk of the conversation. I can’t help but wonder what might have happened had he not spoken out of turn. We might have been more focused on the film he was representing at the Croisette, because truth be told, Melancholia is a devastatingly beautiful film from the famed provocateur. Continue reading

Mel Gibson not the main man in The Beaver

In the wake of embarrassing and terrible personal information bleeding out over tabloid pages and gossip sites, much has been made of Mel Gibson’s attempt to return to the film industry with his most recent film, The BeaverEven the film’s trailer seems to play up the connection between Gibson’s real life personal troubles  and those of his character – which is funny because he’s not the film’s true star. Continue reading