New Schedule

As previously mentioned, The Filmsmith is going through a few adjustments.  After being on a brief hiatus, we will return to a scheduled format that will include an update every Monday that will either be a review of a film in theaters or an upcoming DVD release.  Ben Creech will handle this review, while I, Remington Smith, will occasionally post films of interest, but until my feature length script is completed I will not post under a regularly scheduled format.

To receive notification of new postings you can subscribe to the site via the RSS feed icon on the right hand side.  This way you’ll receive an e-mail each time we post something.

We appreciate your interest in our site and hope to return to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday format as soon as our schedules allow it.  You can support our ongoing work by clicking the donate button on the right hand side.  We do this for free because we love to share great cinema and interesting ideas, but as with anything, if you receive money to do what you love it makes it easier to keep doing it.

Remington Smith

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