Don’t forget to tip your foley artist (short video)

One of my first memories of being enchanted with filmmaking was a Discovery Channel show called Movie Magic (or something like that) detailing how special effects were created.  From squibs (small explosions for gunshots) to miniatures (the helicopter crash from Cliffhanger), I was enthralled – especially when a guy called a foley artist took a chainsaw to a watermelon. 

One of the less obvious aspects to filmmaking is easily the most important – the sound.  Since little on-location sound is utilized nowadays (even the actor’s lines are recorded later in a studio called Additional Dialogue Recording, ADR), it becomes that much more important that you have a good sound guy.

So take a look at this video about foley artist Gary Hecker.  You’ll appreciate the mere sound of footsteps in a film after watching this.

-Remington Smith

One response to “Don’t forget to tip your foley artist (short video)

  1. Dale James Smith

    An impressive demonstration of what a “foley” is, as well as what a “foley” does! While I have seen ‘foley’ many times, I didn’t actually know what it meant, as well as I didn’t know whom it meant!…Also, I now know what “A.D.R.” means.
    Lastly, I did not know that “foleys” worked on the Vaudeville Circuits. …
    Another very informative review–Thanks!

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