“The Thing” prequel pushed back

The prequel for John Carpenter’s The Thing has been removed from its April 2011 premiere, with a new date set for October 14, 2011.

The Los Angeles Times originally reported that Universal Studios had pulled the film from its 2011 release calendar, stating the film was incomplete.  Den of the Geek has reported that it will be released October 14, 2011.

It has almost been 30 years since John Carpenter’s seminal horror film, The Thing was released in the summer of 1982.  For reasons still discussed (from the dark conclusion to the release of the friendlier alien film E.T. around the same time) this was John Carpenter’s first box office failure.  So it is mildly amusing that one of the films that pushed Carpenter out of studio productions is now being used as a launch point for financial gain.

The Thing is one of the best horror films and a personal favorite, so I don’t think I will be seeing this prequel.  There is almost no way that a prequel will somehow outdo its parent.  What it will almost surely do is color the way people view The Thing and I am not willing to risk my relationship with John Carpenter’s masterpiece for a 30 year revisit (just look at the Star Wars films).

2 responses to ““The Thing” prequel pushed back

  1. I respectfully disagree with your final thoughts here. I don’t think that another film, especially one with a completely different cast and crew, can tarnish the reputation or legacy of an original film (I know The Thing isn’t technically an original film itself, but you get what I mean).

    That said, I understand why you wouldn’t want to see it anyway. The fact that there’s no good buzz surrounding this film would be enough of a reason for me to stay away.

  2. Curious as I am, I, too, am reluctant to go and watch the prequel. I’ve never seen a prequel that adds to the original. The good thing I’ve read about this prequel is that it won’t be shot digitally. Let’s just hope the monster doesn’t turn out like (a) a guy in a suit or (b) a fake, digital everything-but-scary Thing that’ll make us laugh, or worse, cry. I’ll probably end up being disappointed. Isn’t it funny that with today’s technology, a film like The Thing, shot decades ago, can’t be outdone? Let’s wait and see.
    Keep your fingers crossed.

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