Early Screenings from the Edinburgh International Film Festival (pt 1)

Yesterday was the first day of press screenings, taking place a day before the official kick-off of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.  The day’s highlights:

*Something’s creepy in Two Eyes Watching

*Dwarves are packing serious heat in The Last Rites of Ransom Pride

*and Robin Williams is the World’s Greatest Dad, which might be one of the fest’s best.

other news

I also want to thank friend and reader Gideon for his $20.00 donation.  He will receive a copy of my DVD (5 shorts for $5) and amazing internet fame for being publicly mentioned on my blog.  Thank you very much Gideon, it was a welcome surprise.

Meanwhile, his hard earned  money will go toward feeding this hungry film critic between screenings.  Seriously, yesterday I only had time for a bowl of cereal, two bananas, and coffee from 8am-9pm.

reviews to come:

The People vs. George Lucas, Evil in the Time of Heroes, Red Hill, and The Illusionist.

One response to “Early Screenings from the Edinburgh International Film Festival (pt 1)

  1. So are you saying that your reviews may be written under the influence of a stimulant? You druggie. 🙂

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