Edinburgh International Film Festival: Press Screenings Begin Tomorrow

The film fest starts early for me, with press screenings beginning June 15th ahead of the public unveiling of the festival June 16th.

During my coverage of the festival I will try and write reviews for all the films, but I expect that some films will only get paragraph treatments. For the really good stuff I will dedicate an in depth review, but there just isn’t enough time to do that for all the films.

Each day I’ll post a summary of the events, news, and reviews from that day, which will link you to the longer blog pieces.

Also, keep an eye on the twitter bar to the right of the page (or follow me at, RemingtonReview TheFilmsmith). I’ll post little updates when I can’t write a blog post.

Thanks again for your support. Without your regular readership, and the corresponding traffic figures, I would not have received the press pass.

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