Burke and Hare Set Photos: Edinburgh, Day 3

In my previous Burke and Hare post I wasn’t able to get photos despite meeting Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis.

Thanks to blog reader Kristen, however, we now have some photos.  She took these of the Burke and Hare shoot by Edinburgh Castle on Friday.  You can see more at her Flickr page, here

On the set of Burke and Hare, the latest from John Landis

Evidently they brought in real fish for this scene.

Where do you rent these things? Or do they have to make them?


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5 responses to “Burke and Hare Set Photos: Edinburgh, Day 3

  1. hey i was there that day when i filmed my chat with john landis on the first photo you see some posters on the wooden set wall when they were done filmin and dismantling the set john landis let me take some of those posters home! i was gonnatake some oysters too but they were real and smelled really bad! lol

  2. Haha, thanks! Glad you liked my pictures!

  3. Hey guys, I have some pictures from yesterday’s (8 March) shooting at the Somerset House, London that I took myself. I just don’t know how to contact you, that’s why i post here. If you are interested I can send them to some e-mail address.

    Contact me via e-mail,


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