Movie Poster Art

io9 recently published some articles about poster art in other countries.  Below are some posters from Thailand:

Day of the Dead

Evil Dead 2


And here are some from Ghana:

Evidently Evil Dead II has worldwide appeal. Chainsaws and boomsticks have that effect.

Why does this look romantic to me?

This is probably a horrible movie, but this poster makes it look awesome.

These posters from Ghana were put together during the 80’s when videocassette’s first came out.  entrepeneurs would go around with various videos, setting up screenings in rural areas.  These posters were used to advertise these screenings.

You can read the full Ghana io9 articles  here, and the one on Thailand film posters here.  The articles also have links to their sources, which feature more posters.

2 responses to “Movie Poster Art

  1. And cool posters they are

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