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Beginners tackles love, memory, and history

The year is 2011 and this is a review about a story in 2003.  Oliver’s parents Hal and Georgia marry in 1955.  Georgia dies in 1998.  Hal comes out as a gay man after her death at 75.  He dies in 2003.  Beginners is a story about sorting out the past as we proceed through the present – also known as living.

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Crazy, Stupid, Love the best kind of romantic comedy – A genuine one

The love movie, just like stories about the subject in music or literature, has been done to death.  It’s hard to knock it though, since everyone at some point (save for the sociopaths in the house) has experienced love.  The passion.  The sweetness.  Late night talks.  Late night escapades.  The chemical high of the first few months.  And because we’ve all been there, we can spot a fake tale from a mile away.  Real life Love isn’t formulaic like the romantic comedies dumped into cinemas every February 14.  It’s the most personal, individual experience there is, save for the loss of a loved one, and few stories about Love can capture that lighting in a bottle.  Here’s a film that captured it on celluloid. Continue reading