Monthly Archives: February 2011

“Shaun of the Dead” alumni bring hilarity to sci-fi comedy “Paul”

The last time you saw Nick Frost and Simon Pegg together they were in Hot Fuzz, diving through the air firing two guns at the same time screaming “Ahhh!”  Four years later, Frost and Pegg have written and starred in a hilarious ode to all things sci-fi in Paul.

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DVD Tuesday: You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

Of all the prolific filmmakers that have ever lived, Woody Allen is second only to Rainer Werner Fassbinder. He has directed over 40 films since his career began in 1967, and Allen’s fans agree that very few are sub-par. Of course, with any great director, the autumn years tend to show a noticeable decline in quality, and certainly this can be said for Allen. But his newest film, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, may be one of his best. Continue reading

Teens Wreak Havoc on NY in ‘The Prodigies’ trailer

Out of left field comes a film that may have escaped your radar. The Prodigies is taking things back with their animation in what looks like a Matrix-esque themed adventure. This retro-film may be a breath of fresh air in the otherwise sleek world of contemporary cinema.

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The Mutants Are Back in ‘X-Men: First Class’ trailer

Finally, a trailer for X-Men: First Class has arrived. Let’s not waste any time babbling about stuff you probably already know. On to the trailer!

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Biutiful is Emotionally Wrecking

When I left the theater, slightly dazed, after seeing Biutiful, I knew that I would write this review; whether it would be positive or negative was still up in the air. All I could tell for sure was that while watching this difficult, slow, and often frustrating movie I had experienced something, glimpsed a great truth, gained and lost an infinite thing. Many people will dislike this movie, as they have  Inarritu’s previous films (Babel especially). But for me, 72 hours later, there is little else occupying my mind.  Continue reading

Enter the Void: An Experimental Neon Nightmare

Enter the Void‘s director Gaspar Noé is most famous for his previous film, Irreversible.  Its notoriety isn’t due to a compelling narrative, but rather the brutal 10-minute long rape scene.  With Enter the Void, Noé is hellbent on retaining his infamy in a 161 minute long* trek through time and Tokyo. Continue reading

Super Bowl Rewind: The Trailers

In case you missed the many trailers that premiered during the Super Bowl commercial breaks, we’ve collected a batch to help you catch up:

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Christopher Nolan Wins Big and More ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ News

We brought you an update on The Dark Knight Rises last week; now we have a bit more speculation, some new information, and  a congratulations.

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Mini-Nazis Provide Therapy in “Marwencol”

Fictions play a foundational role in our society.  We encounter many of these fictions as images that feel bigger than we are, juggernauts projected onto the world we inhabit: social constructions of monetary value or race, or images on television considered synonymous with reality. In Marwencol we see the process from the other end as we follow a man who chooses and controls his fictions, projecting his real-life traumas onto a 1/6 scale world as alternative therapy. Continue reading

Most Anticipated Films of 2011

At the beginning of every year, just as we are unwinding from seeing all the great Oscar hopefuls, we are hit with a wave of upcoming films to get even more excited about. From Sundance favorites to entries in the Berlin Film Festival, we get a glimpse of the next year’s Oscar race, but we also get the chance to cherry pick some films that might pass us by if we aren’t careful. Yes, some of these will be impossible to miss, but these are the films that we expect to move us, thrill us, take us to another place, or just simply enjoy the most. Continue reading